The Journal of Turkology

The Turkiyat Mecmuasi Journal of Turkology has been published in the academic journal of the Research Institute of Turkology since 1925. It came out in 20 volumes between 1925 and 1997. The first two volumes of the TMJOT was in Arabic letters of Ottoman Turkish, which was replaced by the Latin ones in 1928, and since then it has been published in the Latin script of Modern Turkish. The Journal has witnessed all the reforms Turkey went through in the 1920s and the 1930s. The founder of the journal, M.F. Köprülü was also the founder and the director of the Institute, which he made an internationally recognized center of Turkish repeated the quality Works done in this Institute.

TMJOT has been published twice a year in June and December since 2011 regularly. It comes out both in hard copies and in a specifically designed web page format. All copies of the journal are available in its web address:

It is fully free open-access journal.

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